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Third Annual TO Meeting
November 8-9, 2006


n/a Introduction
Jean-Philippe Avouac
8MB Behavior of the Sunda megathrust in Sumatra
Kerry Sieh
16MB MASE: Shallow subduction in Central Mexico
Rob Clayton
39MB An integrated view of subduction zones from geochemistry, structure and dynamics
Mike Gurnis
n/a Large Earthquakes Studies
Don Helmberger
30MB Towards a portable multi-scale subduction model
Mark Simons
68MB Progress and opportunities in the study of broad plate boundary deformation zones
Brian Wernicke
24MB Mountain building: from earthquakes to geological deformation
Jean-Philippe Avouac
13MB Presentation of the Tectonic Laboratory at JPL
Paul Lundren


pdf 7MB 3He Cosmogenic Dating in Zircon, Apatite and Titanite
W. Amidon, K. Farley, D. Burbank
pdf 20MB Sedimentary record of erosion and deformation rates in the northern Tianshan as constrained from magnetostratigraphic sections in the Junggar basin, western China
J. Charreau, J.P Avouac, Y. Chen, K.A. Farley, S. Domingez, S. Gilder
pdf 33MB New constraints on the kinematics of mountain-building in Taiwan
M. Simoes , J.P. Avouac, O. Beyssac, B. Goffé, K. Farley, Y.-G. Chen
pdf 34MB The Izu-Bonin-Mariana and Costa Rican Subduction Factories Modeled by GyPSM-S:Evidence for a Low-Viscosity Channel
L. Baker*, P. Smith, M. Gurnis, and P. Asimow
pdf 88MB Elastic versus permanent deformation above the Sunda megathrust
R. Briggs, W. Amidon, K. Sieh, J. Galetzka, B. Suwargadi, D. Natawidjaja, N. Sastra, D. Prayudi
pdf 48MB Issues raised by the vertical deformation pattern of the 2005 giant Sunda megathrust rupture
R.Briggs, K. Sieh, A. Meltzner, D. Natawidjaja, J. Galetzka, B. Suwargadi, Y.-J. Hsu, M. Simons, N. Hananto, I. Suprihanto, D. Prayudi, L. Prawirodirdjo, Y. Bock
pdf 97MB The origin of high-Ca annuli in garnets from the Rand schist of the San Emigdio Mountains, southern California
A. D. Chapman, P. Luffi, and J. B. Saleeby
pdf 22MB Waveform Modeling of the Slab underneath Japan
M. Chen, J. Tromp, D. Helmberger & H. Kanamori
pdf 6MB Body Wave Attenuation Structure in Southern Mexico
T. Chen, R. W. Clayton
pdf 6MB Coseismic Slip and Afterslip of the Great (Mw9.15) Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake of 2004
M. Chlieh, J.-P. Avouac, V. Hjorleifsdottir, T.-R. A. Song, C. Ji, K. Sieh, A. Sladen, H. Hebert, L. Prawirodirdjo, Y. Bock, and J. Galetzka
pdf 10MB Geodetic and paleogeodetic resolution of locked patched on the Sunda megathrust, offshore Sumatra
M. Chlieh, J.-P. Avouac, K. Sieh, D. H. Natawidjaja, J. Galetzka
pdf 2MB Thermomechanics of mid-ocean ridge segmentation
E.-s. Choi, L. Lavier, M. Gurnis
pdf 42MB MASE: Shallow Subduction in Central Mexico
R. W. Clayton, X. Pérez-Campos, P. Davis, A. Iglesias, YH. Kim, T. Chen, A. Husker, F. Greene, L. Espejo, L. Ferrari, D. Moran, J. Eiler, M. Gurnis, V. Manea, C. Valdez, J. Stock, V. Kostroglodov
pdf 13MB Modeling the shortening history of a fault-tip fold using structural and geomorphic records of deformation
M. Daëron, J.-P. Avouac, J Charreau
pdf 6MB Seismicity in the Mentawai Region of Sumatra Using the Caltech Tectonic Observatory's Local Short-Period Seismic Network
N. I. Deligne, R. W. Clayton, E. Hauksson
pdf 14MB Unroofing of the southwestern Colorado Plateau from (U-Th)/He apatite thermochronometry
R. M. Flowers, B. P. Wernicke, and K. A. Farley
pdf 90MB GPS at CTO: Geodetic Arrays and Data Processing
J. Genrich, J. Galetzka, J.-P. Avouac, K. Sieh, M. Simons, and B. Wernicke
pdf 14MB Geodynamic models for the "uplift" and erosion of the Colorado Plateau
F. Herman and M. Gurnis
pdf 53MB Thermal modelling of metamorphism and exhumation in Western Nepal and India
F. Herman*, J.-P. Avouac*, A. Aikman, J. Celerier, M. Harrison
pdf 944k Spectral element modeling of earthquake nucleation and spontaneous rupture on rate and state faults
Y. Kaneko, N. Lapusta, J. P. Ampuero
pdf 6MB Sense of shear and thermal evolution of the schist of Sierra de Salinas, California
S. Kidder, J. Saleeby, F. Herman, M. Ducea
pdf 5MB Receiver Function Analysis of the Middle American Subduction Zone in Central Mexico
YH. Kim, R. W. Clayton
pdf 26MB The Rupture Characteristics of the 1999 Izmit Earthquake Sequence Using Geodetic and Seismic Data
A. O. Konca, D. Helmberger, S. Leprince, J.-P. Avouac
pdf 7MB Time Dependent Slip: A Mathematical Study of Historic Displacement Near the Sunda Megathrust Subduction Zone
A. P. Kositsky, M. Chlieh, J-P. Avouac, K. Sieh, D. H. Natawidjaja
pdf 117MB COSI-Corr v1.0: Co-registration of Optically Sensed Images and Correlation, toward and operational use of optical remotely sensed images for ground deformation measurements
S. Leprince, F. Ayoub, J.-P. Avouac, Y. Klinger
pdf 7MB Three-Dimensional Elastodynamic Simulations of Seismic and Aseismic Slip History
of a Planar Strike-Slip Fault

Y. Liu . and N. Lapusta
pdf 787k An Instantaneous Sub-Rayleigh-to-Supershear Transition Mechanism
Y. Liu and N. Lapusta
pdf 3MB Polygenetic Post-Laramide Mantle Beneath the Mojave Desert: The Xenolith Record
P. I. Luffi, J. B. Saleeby, M. n. Ducea
pdf 51MB Western North America Nevada GPS Project, 2006
B. Wernicke, M. Simons, K. Sieh, R. Briggs, K. Mahan, J. Genrich
pdf 55MB The "Simeulue Saddle": An Aseismic Patch of the Sunda Megathrust?
A. Meltzner, K. Sieh, R. Briggs, J. Galetzka, W. Amidon, B. Suwargadi, D. Hilman Natawidjaja, D. Prayudi, I. Suprihanto
pdf 28MB Phosphorus Zoning in Olivine: An Additional Constraint on Magmatic Processes in Arc Volcanism
Z. T. Morgan, E. M. Stolper, M. B. Baker, D. Vielzeuf, and F. Costa
pdf 22MB Heavenly Mountains, Down - to - Earth Job
E. Nadin
pdf 43MB Neotectonic architecture, model, and the active Longitudinal Valley suture of Taiwan
J. B. H. Shyu, K. Sieh, Y.-G. Chen, L.-H. Chung, J.-P. Avouac, Y. Wang, R. Y. Chuang, and W.-S. Chen
pdf 68MB Western central Andean neotectonics: What we know and where we go from here
J. B. H. Shyu, M. Simons, and J.-P. Avouac
pdf 2MB Sumatra Relief Map September 2006
K. Sieh
pdf 13MB Educational Outreach in Western Sumatra
C. Stebbins, K. Sieh, D. Natawidjaja, B. Suwargadi
 TIF 5MB Tectonics Observatory Focus Areas for Plate Boundary Studies
pdf 18MB Assimilation of Plate Tectonic Reconstructions into Geodynamic Flow Models
M. Turner, M. Gurnis, L. Taylor, V. Manea, S. Kisin, D. Muller, M. Sdrolias
pdf 9MB Evidence for large Moho offset in Southern California from Receiver Functions
Z. Yan & R. W. Clayton
pdf 24MB Simulated Nonlinear Response of High-rise Buildings for the 2003 Tokachi-oki Earthquake Mw8.3
J. Yang, T. Heaton and J. Hall

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