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Ninth Annual TO Meeting
November 12-13, 2012



pdf15MB Response of rate-and-state faults to periodic variations
Ader, Thomas
pdf4MB Giants
Agram, Piyush
pdf14MB Focal Mechanisms of Semi-Volcanic Low-Frequency Earthquakes
Aso, Naofumi
pdf2MB Pre-, co and post-seismic slip on the Japan Megathrust based on PCAIM inversion of on-shore and off-shore ground displacements
Avouac, Jean-Philippe
pdf3MB Measuring Mars Sand Flux Seasonality from a time series of HiRISE Images
Ayoub, François
pdf9MB Surface change based estimation of slow-moving landslide depth and implication for landscape scaling
Booth, Adam
pdf5MB High bulk modulus structures in the lower mantle from dynamic Earth models
Bower, Dan
pdf2MB Plio-Quaternary subsidence and exhumation of the southeastern San Joaquin Basin, in response to mantle lithosphere removal
Cecil, Robinson
pdf8MB Backwater controls on source-to-sink Sediment Transport near Deltas
Chatanantavet, Phairot
pdf30MB Seismotectonics of the 2008 and 2009 Qaoda, earthquakes and its implication for regional tectonics
Chen, Guihua
pdf4MB Hidden hotspot track beneath Eastern United States
Chu, Risheng
pdf8MB Source parameters of the shallow 2012 Brawley Earthquake, Imperial Valley
Chu, Risheng
pdf3MB Tracking 3D ground displacements froma pair of point clouds
Conejo, Bruno
pdf5MB On the activation of the landward normal splay fault of the Tohoku-Oki forearc
Cubas, Nadaya
pdf32MB On the propagation of earthquake to the surface
Cubas, Nadaya
pdf6MB Quantifying relationships among topography, climate, and erosion rate
DiBase, Roman
pdf18MB Seismic structure in central Mexico: Possible fragmentation of the subducted South Cocos plate
Dougherty, Sara
pdf15MB Analysis of long-period seismic waves excited by the 2012 OffSumatra earthquake
Duputel, Zacharie
pdf19MB Experimental Investigation of Thrust Faults: Blind vs Surface Breaking
Gabuchian, Vahe
pdf530MB The CTO cGPS Networks - Status and Challenges
Genrich, Jeff
pdf1MB Can an Andean margin evolve directly from a passive margin? Possible example from the Northern Neotethys
Hassanzadeh, Jamshid
pdf10MB Probing Fossil Aquifers Using Airborne Sounding Radars
Heggy, Essam
pdf4MB Analysis of the Shallow Slip Deficit Using Sub-Pixel Image Correlation
Hollingsworth, James
pdf29MB Hector Mine 1999 new results
Hudnut, Ken
pdf6MB Envelope inversion for the spatial distribution of high-frequency radiation during the M 9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
Inbal, Asaf
pdf12MB Shear wave velocities in minerals at high-pressures and temperatures determined with synchrotron-based experimental methods
Jackson , Jennifer
Do Large Earthquakes Penetrate below Seismogenic Zone?
Jiang, Junle
pdf3MB Outreach: Highlights over this past year & Upcoming opportunities
Kovalenko, Laurie
Hydraulic control on the width of waterfall escarpments
Lapotre, Mathieu
pdf10MB From stable to destructive: Creeping fault segments can join earthquake rupture due to dynamic weakening
Lapusta, Nadia
pdf12MB Under the Hood of the Earthquake Machine
Lapusta, Nadia
pdf38MB Quantifying 3D ground deformation using multi-angle high resolution optical imagery
Leprince, Sebastien
pdf5MB River channel lateral migration and strath terrace evolution: Quantitative predictions using a new bank coupling approach
Limay, Ajay
pdf12MB Characterizing the Arauco Barrier Effect
Lin, Yu-Nung Nina
pdf7MB Understanding interaction of small repeating earthquakes through models of rate-and-state faults
Lui, Ka Yan Semechac
pdf7MB Investigation of the fold of channel-width for erosion work in the piedmont of the NW Tian Shan
Malatesta, Luca
pdf7MB Sensitivity Modulated Inversion of the Post-seismic Deformation of the Great 11 March 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake
Ortega, Francisco
pdf13MB Imaging and Analysis of large Space Geodetic Data Sets for Monitoring, Research, and Response
Owen, Susan
pdf18MB Refined Historical Seismic Cycle of the Sunda Megathrust from Coral Data
Philibosian, Belle
pdf5MB Receiver function results from the subduction transition region in Southern Peru
Phillips, Kristin
pdf46MB Relative roughness controls on incipient sediment motion in steep channels
Prancevic, Jeff
pdf105MB Extension along the Austoalpine overthrust, Switzerland, evidence from UTh/He thermochronology
Price, Jason
pdf2MB Inverse Modeling in Mantle Convection
Ratnaswamy, Vishagan
pdf4MB Detecting Transient Signals in Geodetic Time Series using Sparse Estimation Techniques
Riel, Bryan
pdf12MB Mechanisms of Postseismic Deformation following the 2010 M=7.2 El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake
Rollins, Chris
pdf5MB Laboratory earthquakes: Measuring surface displacements with highspeed DIC
Rubino, Vito
pdf102MB Three Dimensional Delamination of Mantle Lithosphere in the Southern Sierra Nevada Region
Saleeby, Zorka
pdf3MB Fault zone controls on the spatial distribution of the slow-moving landslides
Scheingross, Joel
pdf109MB Exploring the causes of widespread late Pleistocene river aggradation in the Himalaya
Scherler, Dirk
pdf12MB South America Slabs
Skinner, Steve
pdf4MB Paleoclimate and paleoevevation in the western US Cordillera, 80 Ma to Present
Snell, Katie
pdf10MB Earthquake source inversion with dense networksFrank Sousa - Evolution of the 1999 Hector Mine Earthquake surface rupture
Somala, Surendra
pdf71MB The Sierra Nevada Great Valley Foothills, 36N to 37N: He apatite thermochronometry along a new horizontal transect
Sousa, Frank
pdf6MB Strain Partitioning in Tibet
Stevens, Victoria
pdf5MB Possible Evidence for Decarbonation Reactions from Carbonate Clumped Isotope Analyses of Fault Gouges
Swanson, Erika
pdf178MB Lithological Control on the Spatial Evolution of Fault Slip, Longitudinal Valley Fault, Taiwan
Thomas, Marion
pdf2MB Modeling seismic noise generation from bedload sediment transport
Tsai, Victor
pdf64MB Gplates and global modeling
Turner, Mark
3-D dynamic response of precariously balanced rocks under earthquake excitation
Veeraraghavan, Swetha
pdf4MB Measuring changes in orogenic taper through time using thermochronometry
von Hagke, Christoph
pdf258MB The InSAR and field observation of the Match-2011 Myanmar earthquake
Wang, Yu
pdf8MB Finite Slip Distribution of 2012 Brawley Earthquake Swarm
Wei, Shengji
pdf25MB Modeling the 2012 Wharton Basin Earthquakes off-Sumatra; Complete Lithospheric Failure
Wei, Shengji
History of the SW Cordilleran orogenic plateau
Wernicke, Brian
Seismic Evidence for Dipping High Velocity Layer in the Kuril Island Subduction Zone
Zhan, Zhongwen

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