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Eighth Annual TO Meeting
November 8-9, 2011



pdf3MB Convergence rate across the Nepal Himalaya and interseismic coupling on the Main Himalayan Thrust, implications for seismic hazard
Ader, Thomas
pdf5MB Testing earthquake nucleation models from the response of Himalayan seismicity to secular and periodic stress variations
Ader, Thomas
pdf3MB InSAR analysis of the San Andreas Fault in Central California
Agram, Piyush
pdf5MB Multi-Scale Dynamics and Rheology of Mantle Convection with Plates
Alisic, Laura
pdf3MB Sand dune migration and sand flux on Mars measured from HiRISE
Ayoub, François
Towards "meteorological" earthquakes forecasting
Barbot, Sylvain
pdf30MB Bayesian modeling of the under-constrained 7.8 Tohoku-Oki aftershock
Bletery, Quentin
pdf19MB Dangling Slab Dynamics
Burkett, Erin
Cryptic subsidence in the southeastern San Joaquin Basin associated with the downwelling and removal of a high-density keel from beneath the southern Sierra Nevada
Cecil, Robinson
pdf1MB Modeling deformation induced by seasonal variations of continental water in the Himalaya region: sensitivity to Earth elastic structure
Chanard, Kristel
pdf3MB Frictional properties of the San Andreas Fault determined from dynamic modeling of afterslip
Chang, Shu-Hao
Slab Flattening trigger for isotopic disturbance and magmatic flare-up in the southern Sierra Nevada batholiths, California
Chapman, Alan
pdf21MB 3D attenuation and velocity structure of the Cocos subduction zone in Mexico
Chen, Ting
pdf9MB Beginning of the great Mw = 9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
Chu, Risheng
pdf6MB Role of Thermal pressurization on Megathrust ruptures
Cubas, Nadaya
pdf10MB Seismic evidence for fragmentation of the Cocos slab in central Mexico
Dougherty, Sara
pdf70MB Status of CTO cGPS Networks in 2011
Genrich, Jeff
Rupture roughness and 3D effects
Graves, Rob
Deformation in the Southern Bristol Mountains: Late Oligocene/Early Miocene volcanism and tilting to Later Neogene Strike Slip Faulting
Harvey, Janet
pdf1MB Subduction initiation along a passive continental margin: Lessons learned from the Mesozoic arc north of the Neo-Tethys in Iran
Hassenzadeh, Jamshid
pdf12MB Surface wave tomography of Mexico from ambient seismic noise
Heckman, Vanessa
pdf18MB Extension during the 1975-84 Krafia Rift Crisis, NE Iceland, constrained by optical image matching
Hollingsworth, James
pdf11MB Fault slip-rate estimate for the right-lateral Beng Co strike-slip fault, from Quaternary dating of displaced paleo-lake shorelines
Hollingsworth, James
Pulse-like ruptures induced by low-velocity fault zones
Huang, Yihe
A Bayesian Perspective on the Complementarity of Tsunami and Geodetic Observations in Models of Megathrust Earthquakes
Jiang, Junle
The effect of thermal pressurization on long-term coseismic behavior of faults with heterogeneous compressive stress
Jiang, Junle
pdf19MB Rock constraints on crustal strength and rheology
Kidder, Steve
pdf4MB Outreach: Highlights over this past year & Upcoming opportunities
Kovalenko, Laurie
Elastostatic solutions for realistic slip and stress around shear cracks, implication for inverting geodetic measurements for fault slip
Lambert, Valère
pdf200MB Surface rupture and slip variation induced by the 2010 El Mayor – Cucapah earthquake, Baja California, quantified using COSI-Corr analysis on pre- and post-earthquake LiDAR acquisitions
Leprince, Sebastien
pdf2MB Dynamics of subduction initiation with different evolutionary pathways and related melting composition
Leng, Wei
pdf18MB Point Source Seismogram using 2D staggered-grid finite-difference method
Li, Dunzhu
pdf8MB Automated river terrace detection and morphometry using digital elevation models
Limay, Ajay
pdf49MB Surface wave tomography with USArray based on phase front tracking and amplitude mapping: isotropic, anisotropic, intrinsic attenuation, and density
Lin, Fan-Chi
pdf16MB The Postseismic Deformation Associated with the 2010 Mw 8.8 Maule, Chile Earthquake: A "Mirror" of the Nias Case?
Lin, Yu-Nung Nina
pdf5MB Numerical Simulation of Slow Slip Triggered Tremor Migration and Rapid Tremor Reversals
Luo, Yingdi
pdf3MB Surface Wave Tomography in Southern Peru
Ma, Yiran
pdf1MB Integrating Airborne LiDAR and Historical Aerial Photographs to Assess Landslide Kinematics And Evolution
Mackey, Benjamin
The great Tohoku earthquake: rupture complexity at the bottom of seismogenic zone
Meng, Lingseng
pdf5MB Generating Broadband Seismograms for a suite of San Andreas Earthquakes
Mourhatch, Ramses
pdf9MB Geodetic Study of the Interseismic Coupling in the Central Andes and Post-seismic Deformation Following the March 11, 2011 M9.0 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake
Ortega, Francisco
The Advanced Rapid Imaging and Analysis for Earthquakes (ARIA-EQ) project: Imaging Tohoku and Christchurch Earthquakes
Owen, Susan
pdf9MB Upper Mantle Discontinuities Underneath Central and Southern Mexico
Pérez-Campos, Xyoli
pdf1MB Co-, pre- and postseismic deformation of the 2011 Mw9.0 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake: Preliminary results from PCAIM inversions
Perfettini, Hugo
pdf6MB Ancient Shallow Slip and Other Seismic Cycle Variations On the Sunda Megathrust, Sumatra
Philibosian, Belle
pdf8MB Structure of Southern Peru from Seismic Array Data Using Receiver Functions
Phillips, Kristin
pdf31MB Aftershock Seismicity of the Mw 8.8 Maule Earthquake of 27 February 2010 Using a 2D Velocity Model
Rietbrock, Andreas
pdf6MB New Insights on Postseismic Deformation Following the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake, Taiwan: Evidence for Viscous Relaxation from Far-Field GPS Time Series
Rousset, Baptiste
pdf2MB The feasibility of dynamic full-field earthquake measurements from space: a laboratory study
Rubino, Vito
pdf740KB Eartflow movement revealed by airborne InSAR, satellite InSAR, and optical image correlation
Scheingross, Joel
pdf39MB Broken and Buoyant Slabs Beneath USArray
Schmandt, Brandon
Generating stochastic source models using insights from laboratory earthquakes
Siriki, Hemanth
pdf17MB Comparing Impactor History to Shallow Subduction in South America
Skinner, Steve
pdf12MB Temperatures and fluids on faults based on clumped isotope thermometry
Swanson, Erika
pdf37MB Fully-dynamic vs Quasi-dynamic simulations of slip accumulation on faults with heterogeneous friction properties
Thomas, Marion
pdf20MB Refining Earthquake Locations Along the Chilean Coast
Tian, Xiangyan
Gplates and global modeling
Turner, Mark
pdf2MB 3D Finite Element modeling of Precariously Balanced Rocks
Veeraraghavan, Swetha
pdf74MB Revisiting the 1762 Arakan earthquake
Wang, Yu
Shaking and flooding by the Tohoku-Oki earthquake, a case of thermal pressurization
Wei, Shengji
Waveform modeling of scattered teleseismic P waves of the 2011 Tokhoku-Oki earthquake due to 3D source-side structure
Wu, Wenbo
pdf4MB Crustal Deformation along the Nyainquentanglhe Detachment, Southern Tibet
Williams, Nneka
pdf3MB A mid-crustal strain-transfer model for continental deformation: A new perspective from high-resolution deep seismic-reflection profiling across NE Tibet
Yin, An
pdf12MB Teleseismic waveform complexity caused by ocean-crustal interaction
Zhan, Zhongwen

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