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Tenth Annual TO Meeting
October 15, 2013



pdf13MB The September 24, 2013, Mw7.7 Makran Earthquake
Ayoub, Francois
pdf62MB Threshold for sand mobility on Mars calibrated from seasonal variations of sand flux
Ayoub, Francois
pdf27MB Seismic and aseismic slip induced by hydraulic stimulation of a fault zone
Cappa, Frederic
pdf1MB Variable permeability and stiffness in fault zones and their influence on slip
Cappa, Frederic
pdf42MB Pliocene-Quaternary subsidence and exhumation of the Kern arch, southwestern Sierra Nevada, CA, linked to mantle lithosphere removal
Cecil, Robinson
pdf1MB Seismic Hazard along the Sumatran Subduction Zone
Chlieh, Mohamed
pdf1MB The Yangtze subaerial delta: Progradation despite substantial decrease in river sediment input
Chu, Zhongxin
pdf9MB MASE: Subduction in Central Mexico
Clayton, Rob
pdf14MB PERU: Subduction in Southern Peru
Clayton, Rob
pdf7MB VEOX: Subduction in Southern Mexico
Clayton, Rob
pdf45MB Frontal Propagation on Megathrust Earthquakes: the role of thermal-pressurization
Cubas, Nadaya
pdf7MB Seismic structure in central Mexico: Possible fragmentation of the subducted South Cocos plate
Dougherty, Sara
pdf4MB Accounting for prediction error when inferring subsurface fault slip
Duputel, Zach
pdf500MB The CTO cGPS Networks - Update 2013
Genrich, Jeff
pdf1MB Investigating the Mechanics of Water Flow and Bedload Sediment Transport in Rivers from Seismic Observations
Gimbert, Florent
pdf9MB Space-Time Evolution of Crustal Deformation from GPS Data: Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and the L'Aquila Earthquake (central Italy)
Gualandi, Adriano
pdf5MB New stratigraphic constraints on timing and geometry of the Arabia-Eurasia collision & closure of the Tethys seaway
Hassanzadeh, Jamshid
pdf1MB Do mountains matter for global erosion and weathering?
Larsen, Isaac
pdf12MB 3D High Resolution Tracking of Ice Flow using Multi-temporal Stereo Satellite Imagery, Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand
Leprince, Sebastien
pdf6MB The Crust and Uppermost Mantle Structure of Southern Peru From Ambient Noise and Earthquake Surface Wave Analysis
Ma, Yiran
pdf5MB Sediment Transfer Under Tectonic and Climatic Forcing
Malatesta, Luca
pdf19MB Using Detrital Apatite U-Th/He Thermochronology in Slowly Eroding Orogens: An Appalachian Perspective
McKeon, Ryan
pdf7MB Post-seismic Deformation of the Great 11 March 2011 Tohoku-Oki (Mw 9.0) Earthquake and Mechanical Heterogeneity of the Megathrust
Ortega, Francisco
pdf8MB Geometry transition in the Cocos plate, from flat-steep to constant dip
Perez-Campos, Xyoli
pdf3MB High spatiotemporal resolution study of the Great Basin active deformation (Western US): New methodology and geodynamic challenges
Perouse, Eugenie
pdf7MB Kinematic and geometry change in the Zagros foreland and modification of the orogenic wedge
Pirouz, Mortaza
pdf46MB Orogen-parallel extension in the central Alps, Graubunden region, Switzerland
Price, Jason
pdf1MB Inverse methods-based estimation of plate coupling in models governed by mantle flow
Ratnaswamy, Vishagan
pdf307MB Late Neogene-Quaternary Sediment Dispersal and Re-dispersal in the SE San Joaquin Basin, CA, Forced by Microplate Break-off and Delamination
Saleeby, Zorka
pdf1MB Experimental evidence for fluvial bedrock incision by suspended sediment
Scheingross, Joel
pdf14MB Bathymetric Highs and Slab Dip
Skinner, Steve
pdf8MB Paleoclimate and Paleoelevation in the Western US Cordillera, ~80Ma to Present
Snell, Kathryn
pdf25MB Integrating Cretaceous stories: Sierra Nevada, CA
Sousa, Frank
pdf3MB Evidence for episodic slip along the Heart Mountain landslide
Swanson, Erika
pdf80MB Spatio-temporal evolution of seismic and aseismic slip on the Longitudinal Valley Fault, Taiwan
Thomas, Marion
pdf2MB Revisiting Mountain Building in Taiwan
von Hagke, Christoph
pdf2MB Timescale dependence of rates of landscape evolution
von Hagke, Christoph
pdf19MB High Resolution Finite Fault Modeling of the Largest Earthquakes in the 2012 Brawley Swarm
Wei, Shengji
pdf74MB Growth History of Ventura Avenue Anticline, Ventura Basin, CA
Yu, Junjie
pdf15MB Path Calibration and Source Estimation in the LA Basin, CA
Yu, Junjie
pdf20MB Imaging subducted slab structure beneath the Sea of Okhotsk with teleseismic waveforms
Zhan, Zhongwen
pdf1MB Wave velocities of enstatite at high-pressures: Implications for chemical variations in the upper mantle
Zhang, Dongzhou

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