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Fifth Annual TO Meeting
November 4–5, 2008


powerpoint icon 3MB Introduction
Jean-Philippe Avouac
powerpoint icon 33MB Structure and long term evolution of Subduction Zones
Rob Clayton
powerpoint icon 10MB Short term behavior of Subduction Zones
Mark Simons
powerpoint icon 16MB Continental Deformation
Brian Wernicke
powerpoint icon 23MB Earthquakes Studies
Don Helmberger
powerpoint icon 19MB From a kinematic to a dynamic description of long term large-scale tectonics
Mike Gurnis
powerpoint icon 3MB From a kinematic to a dynamic description of fault behavior
Jean-Philippe Avouac
powerpoint icon 4MB Outreach activities of the TO
Laurie Kovalenko



pdf7MB Miocene Exhumation of the Karakul Basin, NE Tajikistan
William Amidon
pdf7MB Automated Surface Change Detection on Mars Using HiRISE: Preliminary Tests
Francois Ayoub
pdf7MB Cosomogenic 3He dating of the giant landslide of Tacna (Andes western margin, Peru)
P.H. Blard
pdf7MB Slab rollback-driven exhumation of the southern Sierra Nevada batholith and the Rand and Sierra de Salinas schists, California
Alan Chapman
pdf7MB Miocene to present kinematics of fault-bend folding across the northern Tianshan (China), derived from structural, seismic, and magnetostratigraphic data
Julien Charreau
pdf7MB Body Wave Attenuation Structure in Southern Mexico
Ting Chen
pdf7MB Imaging the Upper Mantle Structure of the Western U.S. from the USArray
Risheng Chu
pdf7MB Modeling Medium Size (Mw~5.0) Earthquakes Using Path Calibration
R. Chu
pdf7MB The forces involved in mountain building: Albania and Tibet
Alex Copley
pdf7MB Linking Geological Observations to Forward Models of Dynamic Topography in the South West Pacific since the Mesozoic
Lydia DiCaprio
N/A Length Scale dependence of strength in systems with stress heterogeneity
Ahmed Elbanna
pdf7MB High Rate GPS Data from the 2007 Mw7.7 Tocopilla Earthquake in Northern Chile
Jeff Genrich
pdf7MB (U-Th)/He Studies of the Exhumational History of the Colorado Plateau Transition Zone
Janet Harvey
pdf7MB Uplift and exhumation along the Eastern Nepal Himalays: Can erosion increase long-term uplift rates?
Itai Haviv
pdf11MB Active Tectonics of Western Turkmenistan; Implications for the onset of South Caspian Subduction
James Hollingsworth
pdf11MB Left-Lateral Strike-Slip Faulting in the East Alborz, NE Iran
James Hollingsworth
pdf7MB Interseismic Deformation due to Persistent Asperities in Subduction Zones
Ravi Kanda
N/A Influence of heterogeneous interseismic coupling on the spatial pattern and recurrence of seismic ruptures
Yoshihiro Kaneko
N/A (Towards) constraining crustal flow laws with microstructural analysis of rocks exhumed from active orogens
Steven Kidder
pdf7MB Receiver Function Imaging of Seismic Structure beneath Southern Mexico Using VEOX Data
YoungHee Kim
pdf7MB Partial rupture of a locked patch of the Sumatra megathrust during the 2007 earthquake sequence
A. Ozgun Konca
pdf7MB Afterslip on the Sumatra megathrust following the 2007, Mentawai earthquake sequence
Andrew Kositsky
pdf7MB Education and Public Outreach at Caltech’s Tectonics Observatory (TO)
Laurie Kovalendo
pdf7MB Gale: Large Scale Tectonics Modeling with Free Software
Walter Landry
pdf7MB CIG: Software for the Geophysics Community
Walter Landry
pdf7MB Efficient Denoising of 2D Scientific Data via Non-Local Means
Sebastien Leprince
pdf7MB Monitoring Earth Surface Dynamics with Optical Imagery
Sebastien Leprince
pdf7MB Multi-scale Analysis of InSAR Time Series to Estimate Variations in Topographically Correlated Propagation Delays
Yu-nung Nina Lin
pdf7MB Farallon Subduction Reconstructed by Inverse Dynamic Models: Stratigraphic Verifications and Geophysical Implications
Lijun Liu
pdf7MB Earthquake Recurrence and Long-Term Segmentation near the Boundary of the 2004 & 2005 Sunda Megathrust Ruptures
Aron Meltzner
pdf7MB Non-Characteristic slip and earthquake clustering on the Imperial Fault, Mesquite Basin, Imperial Valley, California
Aron Meltzner
N/A Frictional experiments at intermediate slip rates with controlling temperature
Hiroyuki Noda
pdf7MB A Survey of Volcanic Deformation in Java Using ALOS InSAR
Belle Philibosian
pdf7MB Using Corals to Investigate the Seismic Cycle in the Banyak Islands, Indonesia
Belle Philibosian
pdf7MB Studies of Seismic Array Data in the Southern Peru Subduction Zone
Kristin Phillips
pdf7MB Earthquake Dynamics: The Fast, The Slow, and the Rough
J. Ruiz
N/A Flat Slab Along the Middle American Trench, Central Mexico
Steven Skinner
pdf7MB Subducting Slab Ultra-Slow Velocity Layer Coincident with Silent Earthquakes in Southern Mexico
Te-Ru Alex Song
pdf7MB The 2007 Pisco earthquake (Mw8.0), a key event to understand the seismo-tectonic evolution of subduction zones
Anthony Sladen
pdf7MB Multiscale estimation of GPS velocity fields
Carl Tape
pdf7MB Offset ancient city-wall in the Sagaing fault, Burma (Myanmar) – Plausible slip rate and historical events
Yu Wang
pdf7MB Regional Wave Propogation beneath Western U.S. PDF (MB)
Shengji Wei
pdf7MB Crustal Deformation along the Nyainquentanglhe Detachment, Southern Tibet
Nneka Williams
pdf7MB Nonlinear Responses of High-rise Buildings in Seattle for Simulated Ground Motions from Giant Cascadia Subduction Earthquakes (mw 9.2)
Jing Yang

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