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Sixth Annual TO Meeting
November 4–5, 2009


pdf6MB Ultra-High Resolution and Composite Rheology in Global Mantle Flow
Laura Alisic
pdf9MB Aseismic and seismic slip on the Megathrust offshore southern Peru revealed by geodetic strain before and after the Mw8.0, 2007 Pisco earthquake
Jean-Philippe Avouac


Automated Surface Change Detection on Mars Using HiRISE Preliminary Test
Francois Ayoub
pdf9MB Influence of camera distortions on satellite image registration and change detection application
Francois Ayoub
pdf7MB P Wave Attenuation Structure in Southern Mexico: Studies from VEOX Line
Ting Chen
pdf3MB Mushy Magma beneath Yellowstone
Risheng Chu
pdf3MB Motion and Deformation of the Indian Plate
Alex Copley
pdf5MB Predicting the Evolution of Fold-and-Thrust belt
Nadaya Cubas
pdf460K Post-collisional magmatism in Iran: Implications for timing of Arabia-Eurasia collision and the succeeding mantle dynamics
Jamshid Hassanzadeh
pdf7MB Systematic Search for Spontaneous Non-Volcanic Tremor in the Vacinity of the San Jacinto Fault, Southern California
Gregor Hillers
pdf8MB Revisiting Past Earthquake and Seismo-Volcanic Crises using Declassified optical Satellite Imagery
James Hollingsworth
pdf10MB Can Interseismic Geodetic Observations Resolve Persistent Rupture Asperities? A study of the Japan trench off Tohoku
Ravi Kanda
pdf1MB How was forearc removed from southern Mexico at the end of the Oligocene?
Frasier Keppie
pdf988K What caused deep, long-lived subsidence during Sundaland basin formation?
Frasier Keppie
pdf3MB The Geometry and Seismic Properties fo the Subducting Cocos Plate in Mexico
YoungHee Kim
pdf11MB Mw 7.1 Duzce Earthquake: Multiple datasets and implications about rupture kinematics
Ozgun Konca
pdf7MB Afterslip on the Sumatra megathrust following the 2007 Mentawai earthquake sequence
Andrew Kositsky
pdf4MB Inverting Geodetic Time-Series With a Principal ComponentAnalysis-Based Inversion Method (PCAIM)
Andrew Kositsky
pdf1MB Developing an Education and Public Outreach (EPO) program for Caltech's Tectonics Observatory
Laurie Kovalenko
pdf584K Preservation timescales of fluvial strath terraces
Ajay Limaye
pdf3MB Monitoring of the Long Valley Caldera inflation episode from a principal component analysis-based inversion method applied to InSAR and EDM Data
Nina Lin
pdf3MB Multi-scale analysis of InSAR time series to estimate variations in topographically correlated propagation delays
Nina Lin
pdf5MB Oceanic plateau subduction beneath North America and its geological and geophysical implications
Lijun Liu
pdf-MB Earthquake Clusters and persistent segmentation near the boundary of the 2004 & 2005 Sunda Megathrust Ruptures
Aron Meltzner
pdf8MB Desiging a network of seismic atntennas for high resolution source imaging
Lingsen Ming
pdf4MB A Bayesian Approach for Inter-plate Coupling Models in Subduction Zones
Francisco Ortega
pdf1MB Using Corals to Investigate the Seismic Cycle in the Banyak Islands, Indonesia
Belle Philibosian
pdf3MB Seismic Studies in Southern Peru from Array Data
Kristin Phillips
pdf6MB The TO large earthquake slip database
Anthony Sladen
pdf7MB Direct detection of Western US sharp upper-mantle features with waveform complexity
Daoyuan Sun
pdf6MB Distribution of Seismic and Aseismic Slip on the Longitudinal Valley Fault
Marion Thomas
pdf9MB Fully-dynamic vs Quasi-dynamic models to simulate Earthquake cycle
Marion Thomas
pdf6MB Clumped Isotope Paleoaltimetry of the Northwestern Colorado Plateau
Jeffrey Thompson
pdf3MB Gplates:Next Generation Plate Tectonics Reconstruction Software
Mark Turner
pdf7MB Integrating Geodesy and Seismology: 2008/10/6 Tibet M6.2 Event
Shengji Wei
pdf8MB Crustal Deformation along the Nyainquentanglhe Detachment, Southern Tibet
Nneka Williams
pdf7MB Earthquake Geology of Murma (Myanmar) - Active tectonics and Paleoseismology in two strike slip fault systems
Wang Yu
pdf7MB Testing aftershock decaying model by using aftershocks from the relocated earthquake catalog in Taiwan
Wang Yu
pdf6MB High-Resolution Source Parameters Using Calibration from Ambient Seismic Noise
Zhongwen Zhan

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