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Press Release, 6 December 2 006
Sumatra Tsunami Models illustrate future possible scenarios
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The New York Times, 28 July 2007
Indonesian Town Begins Preparations for the Next Tsunami
"...historical records, seismic monitoring by global positioning sensors and a careful study of growth patterns of corals converged in a remarkably precise prediction of a major earthquake and tsunami here within the next 30 years."

publication Science Magazine; NewsFocus, October 2006
The Day the Land Tipped Over
Indonesia's major earthquake last year tilted Nias Island like a seesaw, disrupting villagers' lives and pointing to future dangers.

Science Magazine, March 2006

Study of 2004 Tsunami Disaster Forces Rethinking of Theory of Giant Earthquakes: Caltech News Release, March 1, 2006

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  • Reprinted by permission of Cricket Magazine Group, Carus Publishing Company, from ASK magazine October 2005, text (c) 2005 by Carus Publishing Company, artwork (c) 2005 by Jo Lynn Alcorn

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