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2004 Sumatra
field season photos
caltech (California Institute of Technology)
Photo of Prof. Kerry Sieh

Kerry Sieh

Jean-Philippe Avouac
Participating scientist

Rob Clayton
Participating scientist

Don Helmberger
Participating scientist

Mark Simons
Participating scientist

Photo of John Galetzka
John Galetzka
Technician, Research Assistant
Rich Briggs
Post-doctoral fellow
Mohamed Chlieh
Post-doctoral fellow

Yaru Hsu
Post-doctoral fellow

Aron Meltzner
graduate student
  Ali Ozgun Konca
graduate student
Catharine Stebbins
Educational Outreach specialist
Heather Steele
Administrative Assistant
LIPI (Lembaga Ilmu Pengatahuan Indonesia, Indonesian Institute of Science)
Danny H. Natawidjaja
Indonesian liason, LIPI
Bambang Suwargadi
Operations supervisor, LIPI
Dudi Prayudi
Technician, LIPI
Imam Suprihanto
Technical and logistics assistant
Susi Mardia Syarif
Logistics assistant
Dr. Munasri
Educational Outreach specialist, LIPI
Juniator Tulius
Mentawai anthropologist



  Sambas Miharja
Graphics designer
SOPAC (Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center)
  Yehuda Bock & colleagues
GPS data processing
PSN (Pasifik Satelit Nusantara)
  Adi Adiwoso
ACeS (Asia Cellular Satellite)
Felix Budiono
Communications engineer
Mohammed Shidqon
Communications engineering group leader
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