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Teacher Workshops

Leader Date
middle, high, and college Joann Stock gave a workshop to 37 science teachers at middle and high schools as well as colleges - on plate tectonics amd the geology of southern california Joann Stock Feb 23, 2013
4 and 5 TO scientists participate in workshop at the Armory for the Arts, for artists who teach in the "Children Investigate the Environment" program - Graduate student Erika Swanson gave a presentation on her research and showed how she uses drawing and visualization; Laurie gave an overview of plate tectonics and mountain building Erika Swanson
Laurie Kovalenko
Jan 9, 2013
6 "How Tectonics Shaped Southern California" - workshop for 6th grade teachers in PUSD, held at Wilson Middle School (video coming soon) Joann Stock Dec 8, 2010
6 PUSD 6th grade teachers, held at CAPSI on Caltech campus from 8am until 2pm (more) Michelle Selvans
Kristel Chanard
Jean-Philippe Avouac
Jul 10, 2009
6 Held at Marshall Fundamental, for their 6th grade teachers, plus one high school teacher who teaches science for grades 9-12 for non-science majors (Earth Science is about 1/4 of the course) (Caltech Today Article) Michelle Selvans
Laurie Kovalenko
Nov 30, 2009
6 PUSD 6th grade teachers, held at PUSD resources center on Woodbury Rd Belle Philibosian Mar 16, 2009
6 PUSD 6th grade teachers, held at PUSD resources center on Woodbury Rd. Belle Philibosian, Michelle Selvans Jan 26, 2009

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