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6th Graders Tour the TO

Local 6th graders tour the TO
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Here is a list of outreach activities students have done, including materials, descriptions and “lessons learned.”

Please feel free to use these materials for your outreach activity; however, they may contain copyrighted material and so are not for distribution.

Please read: Tips on communicating science to kids

Science Topics by Grade Level:
Type of Activity
Visits to Classrooms
2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, high school
Partnering with Teachers
6th grade
Family Science Nights
elementary and middle schools
Field Trips to Eaton Canyon
4th, 6th and high school,
elementary school teachers
Judging Science Fairs
elementary and middle schools
Judging Science Olympiad Tournaments
elementary and middle schools
Leading Tours of TO
4th and 6th grades, middle and high school
Teacher Conferences
college and high school teachers
Teacher Workshops
6th grade teachers; artists in Armory's CIE Program
Research Mentoring
high school students and teachers
Speed Networking
high school students
Hosting Caltech Outreach Events
school groups and families
Video Games
middle school and high school

Teaching Materials (On-line or in 303 N. Mudd)
  • Fault Model Blocks
  • Earthquake machine
  • Southern California plate deformation over the last 18 million years - cardboard model
  • Sandbox Experiment
  • Grand Canyon Sandbox
  • Magnifiers
  • Book "365 Science Experiments"
  • 6th grade text books
  • Pens with TO logo
  • Silly putty and Cornstarch
  • Playdoh

Sites with Outreach Material

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