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Jan 7 Interseismic strain accumulation in and water resources available to metropolitan Los Angeles Donald Argus abstract

Jan 14

Climatic versus tectonic forcing of Himalayan erosion

Dirk Scherler

Jan 21 The largest deep-focus earthquake: from phase transformation to thermal shear instability

Pablo Ampuero

Jan 28 From closure of the Tethys to extension at Corinth: a geologic excursion to the eastern Mediterranean and Anatolia

Jason Price


Feb 4

Foreland basin kinematics and orogen-parallel wedge geometry variations: The Neogene Zagros fold-and-thrust belt

Mortaza Pirouz

Feb 11 Tectonic setting and unusual aspects of the 2013, Mw 7.7, Balochistan Earthquake

Jean-Philippe Avouac

Feb 18 Independent Component Analysis (ICA) applied to geodetic time series: work in progress

Adriano Gualandi

Feb 19 Brittle faults are weak but the ductile middle crust is strong: implications for lithospheric mechanics

John Platt


Mar 11

Earthquakes, landslides, and rivers: Making the steep Longmen Shan margin, eastern Tibetan plateau

Jing Liu

China Earthquake Adminstration


Mar 18

The role of physics in geophysics

Don Anderson


Mar 25

The Use of Seismic Observations to Quantify River Mechanics

Florent Gimbert


April 1

The geomorphic aftermath of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and implications for tectonics and secondary hazards

Joshua West


April 9

Tectonics along the Himalayan orogenic belt: A perspective from leucogranites

Lingsen Zeng


April 15

Fast global stereo matching via energy pyramid minimization

Bruno Conejo


April 22

Hyperspectral signatures from MAKO along the south Bristol Mountains and Hector Mine fault zones

Janet Harvey

April 29

Western Mediterranean tectonics: Slab rollback and delamination

Gene Humphreys

May 13

Seismic anisotropy as a tool to understand oceanic-continental plate interactions

Thorsten Becker


May 27

Understanding Quaternary deformation across the San Andreas fault system

Kimberly Blisniuk


June 3

Slab Flattening and Foundering in the Extreme: The young growth of a craton and Flood Basalt excitation below the Western U.S.

Gene Humphreys


June 10

Lithospheric structure and active tectonics of the eastern edge of Tibet: gravity modeling and 2008 Wenchuan earthquake slip evolution model

Eric Fielding


June 17

Does sea level influence mid-ocean ridge magmatism on Milankovitch timescales?

Paul Asimow


June 24

True Polar Wander and Supercontinent Cycles: Implications for Lithospheric Elasticity and the Triaxial Earth

Ross Nelson Mitchell


July 15

Impacts of Pleistocene Glaciation and its Geophysical Effects on North American River Systems

Andy Wickert


July 24

Improve SAR image offsets by considering scattering characteristics

Teng Wang


August 6

The Evolution of the Retro-Side of the Alpine Wedge, Switzerland, as Resolved by Structural Thermochronology

Mark Brandon


August 12

The persistence of rapid exhumation in the eastern Himalayan syntaxis

Karl A. Lang


September 9

Classical thermodynamics: from dust to ashes, what can we learn from it?

Jean-Philippe Harvey,


November 4

An Investigation of Continental Rift-Parallel Surface Motions Along the East African Rift System

Sarah Stamps


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