Measuring Co-Seismic deformation from Optical satellite and Aerial images. Funded in part by National Science Foundation grants EAR 0409652, EAR 0636097


COSI-Corr: Release History and Modifications

  • October 22, 2014:
    • Multi-threading of time consuming processes: orthorectification, resampling and correlation
    • Mars imagery support (HiRISE and CTX).
    • Airbus Defense and Space (Pleiades, SPOT 6-7) and Digital Globe (Worldview series) support.
    • Simplified options for the cardinal sine (Sinc) resampler kernel.
    • Correlation scripting/batching capability for large set of data to correlate.
    • Image warping and detrending capability, to remove a trend in an image or to register a set of images when the traditional COSI-Corr route is not possible (e.g., image already orthorectified, imager not supported, absence of ancillary data).
    • Projection of the displacement map in the epipolar/perpendicular-epipolar directions to minimize topographic distortions residual.
    • Manual profile stacking tool for easier use, as well as additional option to initialize and export stacked profiles.
    • Correction of various bugs.
    • The user's guide has been updated
  • February 3rd, 2009:
    • Ability to process Worldview 1 images (panchromatic band)
    • Ability to process Formosat 2 images (all spectral bands)
    • Powerful denoising method based on the non-local means filter (only available for Windows computers)
    • Automatic destriping of correlation images based on ancillary data (no need to find the rotation angle)
    • Correction of various bugs (pb with fiducial points selection for ENVI version 4.3 and above, inverse reference frame pb with aerial images, display inconsistencies between Windows/Linux platforms, correlation pb for files interlaced in BIP format)
    • Only one version of the package is now distributed, inconsistencies between the Windows and the Linux/Mac/Unix versions have been eliminated
    • Simplified installation. The ENVI menu does not need to be edited anymore, but installation of this new version requires a proper uninstall from the previous version (the previous COSI-Corr menu text should be deleted from the file)
    • The user's guide has been updated
  • September 14th, 2007:

    • Ability to process both leader and dimap format images for SPOT 1-4 satellites
    • Ability to process all multispectral and SWIR bands from all SPOT 1-5 satellites
    • Ability to process all ASTER bands (VNIR, SWIR, TIR)
    • Ability to process Quickbird images (Panchromatic + multispectral)
    • Correction of CCD distorsions for the SPOT2 HRV1 and SPOT4 HRV1 instruments
    • 2 versions of the package, one for windows, and one for Unix/Linux/Apple. This should solve some display pb, mostly appearing on Unix/Linux systems
    • The user's guide has been update
  • January 24th, 2007: Filename convention correction to properly load the COSI-Corr package on UNIX/Linux environements.
  • January 16th, 2007: Correction of DIMAP ancillary data processing for SPOT-5 images.
  • January 2nd, 2007: COSI-Corr first release.


Funded in part by National Science Foundation grants EAR 0409652 & EAR 0636097
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