GPlates - desktop software for interactive visualization of plate tectonics


GPlates is desktop software for interactive visualization of plate tectonics.

GPlates offers a novel combination of interactive plate-tectonic reconstructions, geographic information system (GIS) functionality and raster data visualization.

GPlates enables both the visualization and the manipulation of plate-tectonic reconstructions and associated data through geological time. GPlates runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS X. GPlates has an online user manual.

Please visit the GPlates web site for more information.

GPlates Main Window

The main window of GPlates, showing a reconstructed raster (NASA's Blue Marble).

Recent Research:
Connecting GPlates to Macrostrat via a Web Feature Service
- researchers at Caltech and the University of Wisconsin have implemented a new method to combine stratigraphic data with plate tectonics reconstructions
- GPlates animation
- the Macrostrat site

We acknowledge support by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (through the Tectonics Observatory)

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