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In a program developed by Professor Xyoli Pérez Campos, senior engineering students at UNAM are making presentations to schools that host the MASE instruments. The materials for the presentations are developed by the engineering students and range from powerpoint talks to "Tectonics Puzzles". The students participating in the program thus far are: Luis E. Rodríguez-Abreu, Fernando Greene-Gondi, Ericka Alinne Solano-érnandez, Lizbeth Espejo-Arellano, Thalía Reyes-Pimentel, and Alfonso Reyes-Pimentel (read article).

UNAM engineering students give presentations and play with Tectonics Puzzles with students at the elementary school in Tomatal, Guerrero State. The school houses the MASE station TOMA.

The engineering students deliver presentations at the high school in Pente de Ixtla, Morelos State. Note the MASE t-shirts the students are wearing. The station PUIX is at this school.

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