Tian Shan Field Trip Photos & Presentations

Ravi Kanda's pictures: Slide Show
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Caltech News Article (Elisabeth Nadine):
Heavenly Mountains, Down-to-Earth Job

A Photo Essay of the 2006 Tian Shan Field Trip:
(Post-Trip Geoclub Seminar by Brian Balta)

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1. Trip Introduction (Jean-Philippe Avouac)
2. Migration History (Carl Tape)
3. Uyghur Culture, People, Food, & Music (Ozgun Konja)
4. Tian Shan Sedimentary Basins & Uyghur Language (!) (Troy Hudson)
5. Geological Resources of Xinjiang (Ying Wang)

Ge 277 Presentations (PASSWORD PROTECTED Course Page)

"The Silk Road: Xi'an to Kashgar": by Judy Bonavia & Christoph Baumer
"Lonely Planet CHINA"

"Lonely Planet Central Asia Phrasebook"

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