Plate Tectonics


The culmination of the research our pod worked on with the Summer Research Connection and the Plate Tectonics Department at Caltech , following is a project designed for geometry students to explore rigid motion on a coordinate plane through Plate Tectonics.

The motion of plates over the Earth's surface can be used in exploring California's Geometry Teaching Standard 22.0.

Geometry Standard 22.0 - "Students know the effect of rigid motions on figures in the coordinate plane and space, including rotations, translations and reflections."

standard from the Mathematics Content Standards for California Public Schools Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve by the California State Board of Education, December 1997
Above animation created by
Alex Copley, Lindsey Stancliff,
Ashley Kennard and Jessica Kim
using Gplates for the
Summer Research Connection program.
Lesson created by Lindsey Stancliff for the Summer Research Connection
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