Plate Tectonics


When our research pod was working on this project we referenced this image
from Reconstruction of the Deformed Collision Zone between India and Asia by Backward Motion of Lithospheric Blocks by A. Replumaz and P. Tapponnier, published in 2003 in the Journal of Geophysical Research , Vol. 108, No. B6.

If we find the plate from the example, we see that is labeled He on the diagram. If the key in the lower left corner of the image is referenced, we see that the plate in the example is Hebei.

So our last step is to label the drawn images.

Special Thanks to

Summer Research Connection - James Maloney & Sherry Tsai
Caltech - Alex Copley, Laurie Kovalenko, Jean-Phillipe Avouac
Pod Students - Ashley Kennard & Jessica Kim
Siemens Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Pasadena Independent Schools Foundation